• Jay Trisko

19 Best Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

Chiropractic medicine has a smaller market than traditional medicine, so it requires more targeted marketing strategies. Generating new patient leads involves marketing yourself both online and offline, from your website to community events.


We spoke to the experts and compiled a list of the 19 best chiropractic marketing ideas to help you diversify your strategies and grow your practice.

1. Generate Leads with Content Marketing

The best thing you can do to generate buzz in the chiropractic industry is to answer the questions consumers are typing into Google on a regular basis, via a blog. But it goes so much further than that.

Say a consumer wants to know more about their lower back pain. He does a quick search in Google and finds your blog post on “10 Causes of Lower Back Pain.” After reading, he then notices your free downloadable ebook at the bottom of the blog post, entitled “7 Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain.” So he downloads it in exchange for his name and email address.

After that, you can begin sending him timely emails with more helpful content, such as videos, infographics, and blogs to help nurture this new lead into a customer. He will eventually be ready to have a sales conversation, as you’re the one who has helped him and established his trust. Once he’s delighted with your service, he’ll go and tell his friends, family, and colleagues—becoming a brand advocate on social media!

2. Send Out Press Releases to Be More Visible to Your Target Clients

Send out press releases in time for significant events in your practice. This includes personal achievements such as commendations, awards, endorsements by a major partner or government agency, a mention of you in a book or even the release of your own (in-print, ebook, etc.). Company milestones are also worth the press release, such as getting your 1,000th client, a company anniversary, participation in charitable events, and even celebrating an employee’s retirement after a long career in your company.

3. Offer Free Adjustments on Facebook and Instagram

Use Facebook and Instagram ads to get people to sign up for a free adjustment. Once they come in for the free adjustment, upsell them into coming back for follow-up appointments at full price. I’ve been working with a chiropractic clinic for about a year now, and the biggest success we’ve had is giving away a free adjustment with Facebook and Instagram ads. People click on the ad, submit their name, email, and phone number, and then they’re prompted to call to schedule their appointment.

With this strategy, we were able to generate 35 leads in just two weeks with only $72.45 in Facebook ad spend. From the 35 leads, 21 ended up coming in for their free adjustment. Of those 21 who came in, 15 of them scheduled follow-up appointments at full price.

4. Partner with Other Local Businesses in Community Projects

In our clinic, we are always looking for ways we can get our name out there while helping others at the same time. For instance, we partner with local nonprofits to help spread the word about the great things they are doing and offer potential patients a complimentary exam and x-ray when they donate $30 to the charity. They get funding and we get to be generous and get recognition. Another way we do help is to offer complimentary lunch-and-learns for businesses near us. We educate their employees on wellness, ergonomics and injury prevention and they get the opportunity to know us and our clinic. When you give freely, good naturally comes back to you. Because this way of marketing can be a slower way to build your business, we combine this with online marketing for more immediate results.

5. Use an Online Scheduling Software

One barrier that can prevent people from visiting your practice is having to call during clinic hours to make an appointment. Square Appointments lets clients schedule online 24/7 using a cloud-based calendar you set up yourself. Clients get automatic reminders about their appointments and can reschedule anytime based on your availability. Square Appointments if free for individual practitioners, and also lets you accept payments online with a free Square Account. Click here to get started.

6. Get Inspiration for Creating Your Website

A chiropractic website, like all other business websites, should be created with clients in mind. For this particular service, patients care about what they see from the moment they reach your homepage, much more than what services you offer. This article by Mike Hamilton for Inception provides a list of live chiropractic websites to give you tips on what you need to design a website that will benefit your practice.

7. Write Chiropractic Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are not only inexpensive, they are also very effective in building your credibility and increasing followers who view you as an expert in your industry. If you haven’t started collecting email addresses and writing chiropractic email newsletters, start by reading this article. It explains in five in-depth tips how to build a strong email marketing foundation to attract new and retain current clients.

8. Make Sure to Clean Up Your Citations

Failing to clean up citations is the top mistake we see all local businesses make. This is true whether you’re a chiropractor or an ice cream shop. You are probably thinking of citations like Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc. But those are secondary data sources for your information. You want to correct your information in the primary data sources. They are Acxiom, Factual, Localeze, and InfoGroup. These are the data sources that feed the other citations. Your problem is compounded by previous residents in your office space. The internet is full of clutter from anyone who once listed your address or phone number as their place of business. This hurts your rankings in Google Search. Improve your search appearance by cleaning up the internet clutter. You can do this using a tool like Moz Local, but you’ll usually get the best results by hiring an SEO who specializes in Local SEO.

9. Develop a Referral Program

Giving your clients an incentive to spread the word about your services is a great way to generate new business. Offering special programs such as “Refer a Friend,” where the person referring gets a free session or a certain amount off a future appointment, has proven to be highly effective. This can be marketed on social media through an email marketing campaign, on your website, and in your newsletter.

10. Send Out Postcards Offering a Free Introductory Service

A great way to entice prospective clients to walk through your door is with a free consultation or free first session. Opportunity Knocks offers affordable mailing lists to help you target your local market using in-depth demographics, lifestyles, personal interests, and buying habits. You can then create custom postcards designed with 10 tested postcard marketing best practices and mail them the same day — you even get $250 off when you sign up for 3 mailing campaigns.

11. Sponsor Wellness Seminars for Local Businesses

More employees value health-related perks nowadays, and businesses have responded by providing more opportunities for its employees to get involved in wellness activities. Sponsoring wellness seminars for local businesses builds your credibility within your community and generates leads instantly by providing a sample of your service to participants. Find out the benefits of sponsoring an event, including tips you can follow to ensure significant ROI.

12. Build a Sitemap to Improve Your Website Ranking

A well-structured sitemap improves your SEO efforts. It helps Google, Yahoo! and Bing to easily index your pages and increase the chances for your pages to rank better in SERP. Visit this article to learn more about sitemaps and find out how to create one for your website.

13. Get Started with Guest Blogging

One of the most effective ways of attracting visitors to your website is through guest posting. High-quality backlinks generated from guest posting improves your SEO effort and generates qualified leads that have a high potential for conversion. Read this beginner’s guide to guest blogging and build your credibility one post at a time.

14. Host New Patient Dinners

Mike Hamilton of Inception Chiropractic Websites suggests setting up dinners for new patients where you not only show them a good time, but also generate leads. “Some of the largest chiropractic offices in the world are masters at doing chiropractic dinner talks. This program can be the answer to most of your new patient needs if done correctly.” He offers several videos on his website where you can learn the ins and outs of how to host a proper dinner for new patients.

15. Encourage Clients to Write Online Reviews

Client reviews are a great way to build your reputation and grow your chiropractic practice. Podium is an online tool that lets you solicit and manage reviews across over 20 review sites and see insights on how your practice is doing, all in one dashboard. Practices that use Podium have seen up to 15 times more reviews and a dramatic increase in walk-ins.

16. Give Community Lectures

The Perfect Patients blog offers the idea of giving community lectures to help establish your expertise and get your name in front of people. “Those who can overcome their fear of public speaking have a distinct advantage over practitioners held back by this learnable skill. Not only do speaking opportunities in your community make you the perceived expert, but by sharing your ideas with others, you become ‘familiar.’ This familiarity can motivate those who are interested in a natural health solution to take action.”

17. Hand Out Educational Materials to Your Clients

The more your patients know about chiropractic, the more they can advocate for you. The Gallup-Palmer report includes a survey with patient educational materials and detailed findings. By using this report on public perceptions of chiropractic, you could potentially increase referrals.

18. Make Yourself More Mobile

The Next Generation Chiropractor’s Dr. Patrick MacNamara’s blog offers this chiropractic marketing idea: “The use of mobile devices is growing exponentially, and any good chiropractic marketing strategy requires mobile access for those who need it. Mobile access can come in many shapes and colors, including making your website available to mobile readers, the creation of apps and diverse gadgets to be used by potential clients, a one-touch scheduler, and much more.”