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7 Efficient Online Marketing Tactics For Personal Trainers

The two most effective ways for personal trainers to measure their success are transformation results of their clients and the number of clients they have.


No matter how great a personal trainer you might be, nobody will benefit from your amazing workout programs and expertise if they can't find you.

In 2019, having an online presence is everything. Which is why online marketing for personal trainers is absolutely essential. Creating an enticing brand for yourself online can lure in clients for sessions, and open up the possibility of online services through your site.  ​ Here's how to make your personal trainer marketing the best it can be for business growth:

1. Rich Content

​Captivating your target audience through your marketing can be a tricky feat, but creating engaging and eye catching content can make all the difference. 

Your online content and ads need to grab your potential client's attention within the first five seconds. Use videos of your workout that are sleek and sexy. Use color rich content that moves quickly. 

When it comes to your video ads, make sure they are properly edited. Use a pro who can create a thrilling video with great music, special effects, and intriguing text.

​Whether it's you or a client in great shape in the footage, show your clients the body they can have through using your programs. 

Check out this video our client Ivan had made for his personal trainer website:

2. Copy... But Don't Copy

There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely; but they are the same old pieces of colored glass that have been in use through all the ages.”  - Mark Twain

When it comes to marketing for personal trainers that actually works, it is absolutely acceptable to note what is working for other trainers. That's not to say you don't need to keep your content original, you do. ​ Take note of what other successful trainer's sites look like, the types of content they create and the reactions they get from their audience.

​Incorporate similar but original elements into your own online brand. Learning from what works and taking note of what doesn't is a smart way to learn how to grow your business.

3. Repurpose with Purpose

If you've created a great ad, video, or post, use it across all of your platforms. Coming up with brand new content on a daily basis is too costly and almost impossible, so spread the wealth. 

Some of my best content ideas come at the least convenient times so I post them in our Facebook Group, create a discussion around it and write more about it later using the replies for perspective.

Considering how your marketing materials can be adjusted and translate differently through various platforms is important. You'll be able to reach your target audience with your core message by repurposing your content. ​ Using social media can help your brand interact with your audience when you can't. If your content is fantastic, it will be successful via many platforms. As people start engaging with your brand you'll start to build an online community.

4. Cultivate a Community

With your various profiles and online business, you will reach massive amounts of people. With a great strategy and a team behind you that can help focus your efforts, you will slowly start to build a community. 

Encourage your community to write reviews on you, respond to people's feedback and constantly stay involved with your online networks. People are especially drawn in when your brand feels personalized to them.

5. Create Quality Stories

When it comes to your online content, storytelling is a great tool in marketing for personal trainers. Personal stories from your clients will not only be entertaining to read, they will help your brand connect with your audience on a personal level. 

If your online content is popping with great photos and videos of perfect bodies, it is important to show some of what's beneath the surface. Making genuine marketing for personal trainers can be a challenging task, but will make your business boom.  ​ Sharing your own experiences in your content can be highly motivating for a reader. Sharing helpful hints, successes, and failures will make you content valuable to your readers as you build trust with them.

Trust is a key component when you're competing against other trainers. Your online content may look amazing, but it also need to provide quality to convert website visitors into leads. 

6. Tools and Tricks

With the amount of analysis and SEO tools available in the market, it's easy to find what your clients are looking for. Optimal SEO will get your site seen by heading towards the top of Google rankings. ​ Most website come with the ability to check what keywords people are using to find you, how many clicks you are getting and on what page they are viewing your content. Tracking your success is an invaluable tool. Metrics and analysis that come with your beautifully built site will keep you on top of what needs to change or stay the same.

You can see some of our stats here:

As you can see, we get around 1,600 page views per day, most to the new blogs we're promoting and quite a bit of traffic to some of our older blog posts.

With this information we know which pages to emphasize our lead magnets on and creating strong calls to action.

7. Get Out There

Fantastic marketing isn't only reserved for social media and the web. Creating local events and meet ups will create personal connections with your clients. You can offer a free boot camp class, or hold an event where you can speak about training.  ​ When you give your clients an opportunity to meet you, you'll have an easier time scheduling future meetings and sessions. People like to know who they will be working with or buying from. At local meetups, you can do raffles and offer free consultations or offer a free month of workout plans. 

Be the Star You Are

Being not only a fantastic trainer but also a genuine person will draw many people to your business. Keeping your online content entertaining and engaging will bring people in. Showing them a little vulnerability and connecting with them on a real level will convert them to actual clients. 

Use tools and tricks from your online site, and keep your content high quality. Get out and meet people so you can put a face to your brand in the community. Learn from others, repurpose content when you need to, and stay on top of what is working and what is not. ​ Marketing for personal trainers will take some expertise and analysis, but it can seriously boost their business

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