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7 Yoga Trends To Look Out For In 2019

When it comes to yoga trends, it’s hard to pick just one to try. So we’ve compiled a list of 7 yoga trends you can expect to see in 2019.


Yoga entered the mainstream consciousness at first as a simple way to ground oneself in mindfulness. But of course, mainstream means attempts to grab attention. And with such easy access to the multitude of different options at our fingertips, for anything to stick they have to stand out.

That’s where trends come in. Trends are exciting, they are new, and they stand out. They come and go over and over again, doing whatever it takes to hold our attention.

That said, trends are a great way to teach us something new, and some of them stay with us. Trends range from genuinely useful (i.e. meditation) to downright dangerous (who ever thought tapeworm diets were okay??). So when it comes to adapting some of these trends to your life, it’s worth doing some extra research.

So what’s on the horizon for 2019? There are some old favorites and some novelties. Read on for 7 yoga trends to look out for in 2019! Whether you’re a yogi, a health enthusiast, a yoga instructor, or a yoga studio owner, there’s something here for you.


Starting off our list with the craziest one, move over goats, reptiles are sliding their way onto yoga mats.

Not for the faint of heart, this bizarre practice found its start in Vancouver, Canada. The masterminds behind it are reptile-enthusiasts Tristan Risk and Joshua Burns, who created the practice with the goal to spread appreciation for the largely misunderstood creatures.

Scared of snakes? You’re not the only one. According to a survey of 1000 Americans in 2014, snakes ranked top of the “What are you scared of?” list, higher than spiders and public speaking.

Despite that, the creators encourage giving snake yoga a try. After all, what better way to overcome a fear than to tackle it with a downward dog?

“The people who are scared of them, once they meet them, they are far more like, ‘Oh, this creature is nice.’ It has a bad name, but it’s really nice,” Joshua noted.

The practice would take place in a private studio, with snake wranglers on stand by. Considered a step up from goat yoga, instead of roaming freely among the mats, the snakes would be tangled on the yogi’s body. They are calm and slow-moving, able to adjust to your movements as you switch from warrior 1 to 2 to 3. The goal is to bond with the snakes, as well as take advantage of the extra weight distribution as a form of weight training.

Not into live snakes? Check out a more sentient tool to wrap around yourself during your next yoga session:


Aerial yoga supports the yogi by way of a hammock or rope hung from the ceiling – giving a new meaning to “Floating on air”.

Popularized in 2018, this trapeze-artist inspired practice is still going strong in 2019.

Aside from being fun and looking super cool, aerial yoga boasts a wide range of benefits. Being suspended in mid-air means your joints get a break, and you can improve your strength and balance without compressing your vertebrae. Aerial yoga also trains your body to move gracefully while adapting to a different support system, this is said to be greatly beneficial for your posture.

Not a fan of heights? Check out the next trend that guarantees to keep you stable on the ground:


2019 is the year of self-love, and that means taking it easy while challenging yourself. True to its name, practicing Chair Yoga means practicing your deep breaths while on a chair. This is great for beginners, seniors, people recovering from illness or injury, or those who want a gentler form of yoga (chair yoga is a lot safer for your joints).

To practice Chair Yoga, you could literally sit on a chair, or use it as a form of support for standing poses. Since chairs are something you probably already have (everywhere), it’s a good way to squeeze in some yoga during your busy days (yes, even at work!)

If you’re a hardcore yogi or fitness enthusiast, you may find this practice laughable. Working out on a chair? How lazy can people get? Hear us out.

What is the point of yoga in the first place? It’s actually not about physical flexibility or core strength. If we dig deeper into the actual purpose: yoga is about mindfulness and tapping into the balance between your mind and your body. It’s about being in flow with your breath and your vibrations. And Chair Yoga is tackling that head-on.

The purpose of Chair Yoga is not about form or technique or physical strength. Rather, it puts the emphasis on movement and presence, and that’s where you find your inner strength.

On the other hand, life is about trying different things. Once you’ve grounded yourself and want some variety to sitting indoors, check out the next trend:


Eco Yoga goes beyond taking your routine outside. It’s about getting reconnected with source by way of re-establishing your connection with nature.

In our modern lives, most of us spend our days indoors in front of a computer or a desk. But being stuck inside all day can drain your energy and leave you tired and irritable.

Taking the time to be outside can greatly benefit your health. Studies have proven time and time again how exercising (or just spending time) outdoors reduces stress and enhances your mood.

Doing yoga in the park is nothing new, and the popular trend is going to continue in 2019.

So how can you apply it to your busy life?

As an individual, you can take your yoga mat outside to the local park or your backyard. If you’re a yoga instructor or studio owner, consider offering some sessions outside when the weather permits.

Eco-yoga allows you to breathe in fresh air and reminds you that you are one with the world. And in a busy world full of deadlines and hustle and bustle, that’s a reminder we all need.

So after you reconnect with Mother Nature, what next? If you’re looking for something a little more high-tech (gotta take advantage of the modern world while we have it), check out:


Chroma Yoga, a.k.a. Light Therapy Yoga is a high tech practice that’s created to help you get back in tune with your natural circadian rhythm. In simple terms, it involves doing yoga in a room lit by colored lights, blanketed with calming music, and enveloped by relaxing scents to provide a cocoon-like experience.

Connoisseurs of Chroma Yoga love its calming benefits: regulating your sleeping patterns and decreasing stress levels.

So how does it work?

The goal is to mimic a natural day. This means practicing with blue lights in the morning to increase your energy, and red light at night to induce sleep.

Science does back up the fact that exposing yourself to blue light signals the brain to stop the production of melatonin and increase the production of stress hormones to wake you up, and exposure to red light boosts melatonin levels and encourages better quality sleep. However, the actual effectiveness of Chroma Yoga is still debatable. Only time will tell if this trend will stick with us for future years, but in the meantime, expect it to pop up more in 2019!

So, lights aside, what other tools have humans created to help us find mindfulness?


2018 was a big year for yoga wheels, and it’s foreseen to carry on in 2019.

In essence, a yoga wheel is a plastic wheel that you can use to help you with various poses when practicing your routine:

Helps to deepen your back-bends.Helps with forearm-stands. Surprisingly, this little wheel actually improves stabilitybecause it acts as a counterweight to steady yourself when your legs are up in the air.Adds a core workout (from all the balancing you have to do!).

Designed for the experienced yogis or those who want to try an Instagram-worthy pose, using a yoga wheel looks easier than it actually is. So if you’re a beginner, we recommend that you give it a try with a certified instructor!


It won’t be 2019 if we don’t talk about how the digital world is taking over (wait, what?). So instead of dreading it, we should appreciate and utilize it.

The last trend we are going to touch on today is Digital Yoga, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

We are no stranger to yoga tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. And in 2019, get ready for instructional videos and tips from your local yoga studios.

Studio owners and yoga instructors are very aware that people are busy, but that doesn’t mean they are losing clients. In fact, exclusive instructional videos for members and yoga GIFs on Instagram are great ways to reach students, providing them with a more personalized experience.

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