• Jay Trisko

A great way to create buzz about your business with events.

Workshops are an excellent way to grow your students’ passion for yoga, as well as their knowledge in the practice. Workshops will also help you differentiate your studio from others in your area, build a stronger community and bring in additional revenue. Having passionate, well-educated students will create a more loyal, dedicated member base.

When first selecting a topic, avoid hosting a workshop that’s similar to your reoccurring classes. If there’s a different style of class you’ve considered adding to your schedule, testing it as a workshop is a great way to gauge interest among your student base.

Other great ideas for initial workshops include:

  • Detailed focus on various poses

  • Fun classes such as acroyoga, partner yoga or mommy and me yoga

  • Overview of essential oils, crystals or beneficial herbs

  • Survey your teachers to discover their passions and interests that could serve as potential workshops

Once you've selected a topic, you’ll want to determine your pricing structure. Will there be separate pricing for members and non-members? Separate pricing for excellent, frequent workshops can make a monthly membership more enticing to those students who may typically favor drop-ins. When determining what you'll charge attendees, be sure to take into consideration your instructor, supplies and any other necessary costs to ensure you'll make money on the event.

Since the focus of hosting a workshop is to help better market your studio, you’ll need to ensure you’re getting the word out for each workshop. Blog about your upcoming workshop, typically a month in advance. Share your blog post on your social media accounts and in emails targeted to your student base, as well as your prospective students. Create an event on Facebook and share weekly posts promoting it, and consider boosting the posts to help get message in front of non-members.

Make sure that your teachers promote the workshops before or after each class. Workshops are only successful when people (both members and non-members) actually know about them.