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Finding inspiration all around you

Even in our everyday fictional characters.

Like the rest of the world, I binge watch netflix, I watch a new movie almost everyninght on Amazon Prime, and try my best to read a book at least 1x a month. In consuming this much content I often find inspiration in the characters I invest my time in, sometimes even leading me to absorb some of the characteristics they portray. Now some may find this childish or youthful to be influenced by fictional characters, but say you should find inspiration in everything you do,

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Then I came across this wonderful article on Forge.com from author Nikola Goke and all my insecurities went away. Maybe it will have the same affect on your...


8 Habits of Deeply Inspiring People

The best lessons from films and fiction on what makes a hero

Every now and then, we come across someone who’s simply awe-inspiring. They’re magnetic, glowing, irresistible. What makes them this way? Why do we look up every story they’ve written, watch every video they’ve appeared in, and listen to their entire backlog of podcast interviews?

I wonder about this every day. The reason I write stories about triumph is so that I can study heroes. It’s the only way I’ll ever understand what it takes to become one. When I read a book or watch a movie, I pay attention to the choices the hero makes: how they push themselves, how they grow.


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