• Jay Trisko

For Business Owners, Social Media Marketing is no longer and Option, its Mandatory.

A vast majority of consumers turn social media to research products and services before visiting a local business. According to G/O Digital, 62% of respondents claimed that Facebook is the most useful social network for researching small businesses before making a purchase.

How to Implement Social Media.I

Due to the tremendous popularity of Facebook, as well as the features it offers small businesses, we recommend you start your social strategy with Facebook.

There’s some basic information that every business page needs. This information is extremely important for prospects researching your studio.

Short Description: This 255-character limit section should tell the basics about your studio: the type of yoga classes you offer, neighborhood you’re located in and, if it fits, a promotion you’re offering (i.e.: Try your first week free!).

Long Description: This is your opportunity to tell prospects how amazing your school is. Talk about your space, the programs you offer, your students, certifications your teachers have and anything else a prospect should know about you.

Hours: Make sure you have an updated schedule for each day of the week.Email: Be sure to include an email address that prospects can reach you.

Business Category: Underneath the name of your business, you’ll see the option to add a business category. Be sure to select Yoga.

Once you have established your Facebook page, start writing engaging posts and boasting them in order to get your studio’s name in front of prospective students in your area!

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