• Jay Trisko

How to capture leads for your business

For your website to successfully drive prospective students to your studio, you need to make it easy to contact you. According to HubSpot, 65% of businesses say that generating leads is their top challenge. To simplify lead generation and make it as easy as possible for prospects to get in touch with you, you should embed forms on your website.

You can start by simply having a Contact Us form on your Contact page. However, if you really want to drive new students to check out your studio, use the form to promote an offer. Offers such as:

Try a free class!

Sign up for a free week!

Schedule a free consultation!

All of these can entice prospective students to fill out your form and visit your brick and mortar location. To ensure prospective students see this offer, make sure to add your form to every page of your website.

When creating forms, it’s important to think about the information you absolutely need from a prospective student. Having too many fields on your form can decrease the likelihood that someone will take the time to fill it out.

Must-Have fields include:

Name (first and last)

Phone number

Email address

These pieces of information ensure that you have the necessary information to follow-up with your leads.

Some Nice-to-Have fields include:

Years of experience


Mailing address


How they found out about your studio

What program/class they’re interested in

The exception to the shorter is better rule is if you have a very specific target audience. For example, if you are an elite studio that focuses on training experienced yogis, Years of experience might be a Must-Have field on your form to ensure you’re getting serious inquiries.

Finally, think about the button at the end of the form. Studies have shown that buttons with the word Submit tend to convert at a lower rate. Consider using action-oriented copy such as Reserve Your Spot, Book Now and Get Started.