• Jay Trisko

How to save time with digital marketing automation (trust us, you will be grateful you read this)

Automation is an optimal strategy to both maximize your time and market your studio effectively. Automations can be personalized based on the unique needs of your studio. Automation is a technology utilized by many studio management software providers that automates time-consuming manual tasks.

The best part about automation is if you want to personally follow-up with these individuals by phone, you can create automated tasks to remind you to personally reach out to them in addition to automated email communication.

Items you can automate include:

  • Welcome communication with prospective students who filled out a form on your site.

  • Follow-up email and phone communication with prospective students who visited your studio, but have yet to return for another class.

  • Check-in email communication and alert to call current students who haven’t been to class for a specific period of time.

  • Email communication and alert to call when a membership is about to expire, or if student’s payment didn’t go through.

Automation is win-win for studio owners. It's the solution you've been looking for if you want to strengthen your marketing strategy through nurturing and personalized communication while saving significant time doing so each month.