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Proof that IG Stories Can Sell Products

We know first hand that there are many avenues for business owners to market and sell their products on. At many times it can seem very overwhelming.....Do you use the big 3 social platforms, do you focus on only one social media platform, or do you try and maximize the potential of all social media platforms for your business?

How can you possibly keep up, and if you have to make a choice which one is the best for your brand ? Well we have spent hundreds of thousands of hours researching and implementing different strategies for different brands and something you should know is that Once Facebook bought out Instagram, they immediately began to revamp the experience on IG, introducing to the world, "Instagram Stories", which was a game changer for social media marketing and brands that utilize IG for their marketing.

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Of course many yogi's, personal trainers, online coaches adapted to the change fluidly and quickly, but e-commerce brands seemed to gravitate to instagram stories much slower. Then, brands started figuring out how to harness the power of stories to sell physical products and it became a game changer.

Below you will find a case study that supports how much of a game changer this can be for your business.

In researching for supportive documenation for IG stories I cam across this wonderful article from the director of buffer.com, one of our affiliates we use ourselves for dispersion of our social media content.


How to Sell on Instagram: A Stories Strategy That’s Generated ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ in Sales Ash Read

Editorial director at Buffer

‘Most of our biggest deals and business development relationships have come through Instagram’

There was a time, when Kettlebell Kings first started out, that Google AdWords campaigns and a compelling free shipping offer — “the first of its kind in the kettlebell space,” Jay said — were its main marketing tactics.

Yet as the company grew, social media took over as the #1 way to generate new business and Instagram is now Kettlebell Kings most successful marketing and acquisition channel.

“On average we get 400-600 leads per week from social media, with half coming from Instagram,” Jay told me over email.

When it comes to revenue generated directly from Instagram “it would be in the hundreds of thousands,” he revealed (Kettlebell Kings uses Hubspot to track its conversions).

But Instagram hasn’t just helped Kettlebell Kings to generate one-off sales to consumers, it’s also an important channel for business development.


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